Asian Interiors Symposium

Held on 2 December 2010, the Asian Interiors Symposium featured speakers from all across Asia discussing the Identity, Value, Relevance and Responsibility of interior design. This symposium was part of an international project called the Global Interiors Think Tank, initiated by the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers that sought to bring together leaders in the profession in an open dialogue focusing on important issues that surface from local, regional and national constituencies and bringing them into the global arena. These conversations are designed to create a broader and deeper understanding of the field and practice of Interior Architecture/Design by exploring topical and relevant aspects of the discipline worldwide, and bring about improvements in the interiors profession as well as changes in governmental and educational policies.

Under the Global Interiors Think Tank, each member association of the IFI was charged with forming its own discussion group consisting of prominent designers, educators, government officials and other stakeholders to discuss a fixed series of around 20 questions set out by the IFI on interior design Identity, Value, Relevance and Responsibility. These member associations then join other countries and territories in the region to take the dialogue further, and eventually all IFI members will meet in New York in February 2011 to take part in a Global Interior Design Symposium. Finally the conclusions from these discussions will be published as a white paper that will help facilitate policy changes for the profession around the world.

The Hong Kong Interior Design Association was proud to be the regional organizer of the Asian Interiors Symposium. Six speakers from across Asia including China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong converged at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre during the Inno Design Tech Expo 2010. This meaningful event was organized by the Hong Kong Interior Design Association, funded by DesignSmart Initiative and sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

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Launch of Asian Interiors Symposium Website

Those who missed the Asian Interiors Symposium in December can now read the full transcript of all the speeches in both Chinese and English.

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