Time flies. I realize I have already been a professional member of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association for eight years. I am much honored to be elected its chairman this year.

HKIDA was founded over 20 years ago, and under the prudent leadership of its various chairmen, the association is now well established. Further developing the association upon this solid foundation will surely be a challenging task. I vouch that with the support of the Executive Committee, sponsors and other parties, HKIDA will endeavor to enhance the well-being of its members and strive for a better future for the interior design profession.

Looking into the future, HKIDA will strengthen its promotional efforts. In addition to publishing our much-lauded members’ directory, HKIDA will also increase its engagement with the general public by conducting members’ works exhibitions and other sharing activities so that people will have better understanding about the professionalism of local interior design practitioners and also garner more business opportunities for our members. We will continue to strengthen our international connections by being involved in the Executive Council of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and organizing the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards (APIDA). Following from the success of the second edition of East Gathering in Hong Kong last year, the event will continue on to Tokyo and Seoul in the coming year, and HKIDA members will certainly take part in both events. In addition, uniting local practitioners will be an important focus for the association, and we will strive to broaden our ties with local interior design students and nurture future talents.

Internally, HKIDA will reform its Executive Committee and improve its effectiveness. The Board of Directors has proposed extending the chairman’s term of office from one to two years, and each chairman can serve a maximum of two terms. In addition, the Executive Committee will introduce the post of Past-Chairman to help facilitate a smooth transition and allow the Past-Chairman to offer assistance and advice to the council.

Lastly, I wish to encourage everyone who is interested in interior design to join us in our various activities and support the local interior design profession, and thereby affirm Hong Kong’s position as the design capitol of Asia.


Antony Chan
Chairman, HKIDA

A Solemn Declaration from HKIDA

HKIDA officially launched “Professional Guideline for the Interior Design Industry in Hong Kong” in June 2014. It spells out the knowledge and responsibilities of interior designers of different levels as well as the content and scope of varying levels of academic programs for interior design in Hong Kong. Key features of the Professional Guideline includes:
Proposed 3-part Educational System for Interior Designers
Mentorship system for fresh graduates in interior design
Qualification Framework for Hong Kong Interior Design Practitioners
Continuing Education point system
Code of Professional Conduct for Interior Designers
Standard contract for Interior Design consultancy projects

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A Solemn Declaration from HKIDA

The Hong Kong Interior Design Association has received many inquiries of late regarding the Hong Kong Indoor Designer Association (website:www.ida168.hk) and whether this association is the same as the Hong Kong Interior Design Association. Many of our members have even received email invitations to join this association. Due to the fact that this association has a similar name as the Hong Kong Interior Design Association in both Chinese and English, and its abbreviation in English is the same as our association, many people have the mistaken impression that the two associations are the same.

The Hong Kong Interior Design Association hereby solemnly declares that it has no relationship whatsoever with the Hong Kong Indoor Designer Association, and the two associations are not the same.

For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at admin@hkida.org or by telephone at (852)2866 2039.

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