The Interiors Entity Global Symposium

Mr. Horace Pan, Vice Chairman of the HKIDA, flew to New York City to participate, as representative of the association, the IFI Design Frontiers: The Interiors Entity (DFIE) Global Symposium, which was held between 17th and 18th February, 2011. This significant event culminated in the signing of a formal IFI Interiors Declaration, a first in the history of the profession.

The more than one hundred symposium delegates from thirty countries counted among them some of the world’s leading design authorities, innovators, business leaders and strategic thinkers. Starting with an inspirational lecture discussing the power of design by Dr. Richard Farson, IFI President Shashi Caan opened the sessions with an overview of IFI DFIE Global Survey, a year-long global research effort in which close to 80 countries actively participated. This introduction was immediately followed by reports from Think Tank leaders representing the work of many professionals in Hong Kong, Germany, Turkey, Argentina, USA, Brazil and Russia and Europe and, finally, an overview by the Chair of the Task Force Structuring Committee.  Subsequently the participants were divided into eight IFI DFIE task forces to address fundamental questions raised about the Interiors discipline: value, relevance, responsibility, business, culture, knowledge and identity, with an eighth task force designated as the Outcomes Declaration Committee (ODC), which was charged with bringing the conclusions of the task forces into a final statement, the Declaration.

Guided by the results of the DFIE Global Survey, an IFI initiative carried out during 2010, and current overviews provided by symposium participants assigned the role of ‘Concept Investigators’, each DFIE Task Force enthusiastically and passionately discussed and debated the issues and arrived at consensus in the group. With these consensus points further refined and transformed into a comprehensive statement by the Outcomes Declarations Committee (ODC), the IFI DFIE Interiors Declaration was finally presented and unanimously approved by all Symposium participants.

Following the Symposium, IFI will compile the results of DFIE Phases I (The Global Survey) and II (Global Symposium) into a comprehensive publication (Phase III) for worldwide distribution using a wide variety of media outlets. Phase IV, Design Policy and Impact, will seek to encourage that the outcomes be put into practice by professionals, educators and institutions. Where appropriate, specific findings will be brought to the attention of national and regional governments, possibly in the form of suggested/draft design policy, tailored to suit each circumstance.

The final phase of DFIE, the Interiors Biennale, aims to make this newly formulated core knowledge visible and actualize the global consensus reflected in the IFI DFIE Interiors Declaration. Scheduled to coincide with IFI’s 50th anniversary in 2013, the Interiors Biennale will seek to promote, through a series of events and manifestations, the relevance of Interior Architecture/Design and its intrinsic role in society by inspiring and informing designers and the general public alike.

Click here to read the full text of the Declaration.