1. To bring together all the skilled people involved with creating an interior environment in order to benefit both business and the consumer.
  2. To promote and encourage improvement in design, construction, quality of materials and the education and training of designers.
  3. To develop and improve professional standards of designers, contractors and suppliers to include codes of conduct, standards of creativity, workmanship and technical innovation.
  4. To promote awareness of public health and safety and the implementation of new technical knowledge and materials in the design and construction of the interior environment.
  5. To develop standards of professionalism and set up a universal code of ethics and business practice that can be used by the industry. Clients will then know what to expect from a company that is a member of the association
  6. To set up a database network of information on members, exhibitions, seminars and other supporting activities.
  7. To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information amongst designers, contractors, suppliers and the public both inHong Kong and internationally, paying attention to their different needs.
  8. To engage in research and development projects relating to the use of environmentally-friendly materials and to promote the use of these products.
  9. To co-operate and seek affiliation with other international organisations that correspond with our own.
  10. To gain recognition from the governing authorities and from the public as to the importance of employing qualified professionals when working with interior design project